…we are delighted you are interested in making Christ Church a part of your wedding celebration!

We want to do everything possible to make sure your wedding is a wonderful and memorable occasion and to help you build the strongest possible foundation to your marriage.  With this in mind we have this guide to help you decide if Christ Church is the church for you.

Who gets married at Christ Church?

Generally, couples who marry at Christ Church are active, worshipping members of the community.  At least one of the couple must be baptized in order for the priest to solemnize a marriage.  If you are interested in making Christ Church your spiritual home, then we encourage you to introduce yourselves to the pastor and come out and join us regularly for worship before initiating the conversation around your wedding.

Marriage Preparation

It is important the couples seeking Christian marriage make a special effort to understand both the basics of the Christian faith, and the commitment they are about to undertake.  Couples wishing to be married at Christ must take a marriage preparation course with marriage therapist, The Rev. Brian Murray.  There is a fee associated with that course, which couples pay directly to Rev. Murray.  When you have taken the course, you will receive a certificate which will be added to your wedding file in the church office.

The Wedding Service

At least two months before the wedding, the priest will meet with couples to go over the service, which is a set Anglican liturgy.  Within that service, the couple will make choices regarding hymns, songs, readings and prayers.

Photos and Videos

Photos and videos make wonderful mementos of your special day.  We encourage you to arrange for these by following some simple guidelines.

Photos are permitted during the service at the following times: 1) the processional, 2) the signing of the registry; 3) the recessional at the end of the service.

Video cameras may be used during the whole service provided 1) no lights are used; 2) the camera is in a fixed location throughout the service and the operator does not move around.  Photographers and videographers must speak to the priest before the service.

Legal Requirements

You must obtain a Marriage Licence at any City Hall in Ontario. It is not necessary for both of you to go, but you must have proper identification for  both of you and your Certificate(s) of Divorce if applicable. It is valid for 90 days.

As a memento of your wedding, a Record of Solemnization of Marriage will be given to you by the Officiating Clergy. Please note, however, that this is not an official legal certificate.  The marriage certificate is issued by the Province of Ontario and can be obtained at the same place you applied for your marriage licence

If you are to be married at Christ Church, this licence must be brought to the church office at least two weeks before the wedding.

To inquire about weddings at Christ Church, please contact the church office.