Baptism is one of the Church’s sacred mysteries.  It’s a sign of being born into something new, of being given a fresh start in Jesus.  God welcomes us into His life, and baptism is one way we say ‘yes’ to that invitation.

Adult Baptism

We baptize people of all ages, and this includes teens, young adults, middle aged ones and senior citizens.  You’re never too old to accept God’s welcome.  The door is always open.

If you are an adult seeking Baptism, Pastor Stephanie would love to meet with you to hear your story and help discern next steps in your spiritual journey.

Infant baptism

When we baptize babies and young children, parents have a special role to play.   Parents take on the baptismal promises on behalf of their child, promising to show their little one what it means to be a follower of Jesus during those formative years of childhood and adolescence.

The hope is that one day, your child will confirm his baptismal promises for himself; in the meantime, you hold those promises in trust.  And as a sign of the special role you have in your child’s spiritual upbringing, you promise to do two things:

  1. to raise your child as an active part of Christian community;
  2. to raise your child in the faith in the home.

That second promise often overwhelms parents.  Don’t worry – raising children in the faith is an exciting adventure, and we’ll help equip you to do it.

In terms of our process, we encourage families to worship regularly with us for 3 months, as way of building the foundation for the promises you will be making. We also have a baptismal course to register in, as part of the time of preparation. On a Sunday morning the week after the first class, we will present you and your child(ren) to the congregation, along with others preparing for baptism. We will ask God’s blessing on you, and will pray for you for the duration of this season of preparation.

We generally hold baptisms two times a year: once in the fall and once after Easter.  Contact Pastor Stephanie for details.

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