Pastoral Care

Pastoral Visitation

We’re a community that honours our elders.

Our trained teams of lay pastoral visitors regularly visit parishioners who are shut in at home or living in a number of different Senior’s residences and long term care facilities in the area including those in Pickering, Ajax, Whitby and Oshawa.

Our pastoral care coordinators and Anglican chaplains, Verna Kemp and Yvonne Jensen, oversee this important ministry.

Hospital Chaplaincy

Jesus told his followers to care for the sick.  There are lots of ways we do that, but one important way is through the ministry of our Deacon, Warren Beal.

Warren Beal, has been an associate chaplain at the hospital for over 30 years.  He is very active: in 2006 he made over 350 visits to people at the hospital!

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Hospital ministry is a ministry of caring, compassion and the love of Christ.

Warren Beal

Parish Nurse

Parish Nurse

Every second Sunday of the month after church, Pamela is in the lounge checking and recording the blood pressure of parishioners and their friends. Over the past 14 years of parish nursing, many parishioners have started on medication to control Blood Pressure.

The primary purpose of a parish nurse is to keep an eye (and ear) on the overall health of the congregation.

Pamela J. West, Parish Nurse

Numerous people see Pamela on a regular basis and as a result of this ministry, are monitored, have begun to exercise more regularly and/or changed other life-style habits. Some men or women when seeing Pamela will share other information and concerns which are often dealt with via some research, often prayer and occasionally an immediate answer!

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