Pamela J West, Parish Nurse

Pamela feels it is a privilege and joy to be seen as a supporter, resource for health information and from time-to-time advocate or informer for specific concerns and issues that might impact the entire church family eg. SARS, flu epidemics, etc.

In the work environment, one’s faith is a personal matter and not to be broadcast or made known. In the church, the parish nurse wears her Christian hat, heart and faith on her sleeve, as well as a nursing cap!

Did you know:

  • Parish nursing includes caring for individuals holistically (mind, body, soul, and spirit)
  • Parish nursing is ideally done proactively (before something goes wrong) and occasionally reactively (after something happens)

Nursing started in churches in the middle ages and again in the 19th Century on a more formal basis. It then moved away to evolving hospitals and centers of health and illness care.

In the past 30-35 years many parishes are adopting the practice of having a parish nurse for support and counsel and to promote helpful healthy hints and habits!

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