Christmas Day Dinner

For over 20 years, Christ Church has hosted a turkey dinner on Christmas Day. Those who are alone, lonely or unable to have their own dinner are welcome. There is no charge for attending.

Over 40 volunteers, some from outside our parish, participate through: monitoring telephones, helping to cook and prepare the food, serving guests, setting up before the meal or washing dishes afterwards.

For those who are unable to drive, transportation is provided by volunteers who will also provide a ride home after dinner.

Each year approximately 100 dinners are prepared for those who attend or are taken to people who are unable to attend due to infirmity.

Community Connections

Christ Church supports a number of organizations financially and through volunteers donating their time and talents:

  • International Needs Network Uganda – sponsored child
  • Gate 3:16, a drop-in centre in downtown Oshawa
  • Luke’s Place, a support organization for women and children in Oshawa
  • Simcoe Hall Settlement House food bank
  • Cornerstone Men’s Hostel
  • Primate’s World Relief & Development Fund
  • St. Vincent’s Kitchen
  • Mary Street School, healthy snacks program